An Update on the Mobile Shooter Market

Matt Dion
2 min readSep 18, 2023

Taking a look at the turbulent year thus far for the mobile shooter genre. Are the market incumbents the weakest they’ve ever been? Can anyone stop Tencent?

Mobile shooters have had a turbulent year. Since Naavik published its first genre report at the beginning of 2023, the market has undergone a substantial transformation. Though the key players remain the same, the incumbents atop the genre may be faced some challenges.

In just eight months, aggregate store revenues for the mobile shooter genre have plummeted from a high of $296M in January ’23 to $210M in August ’23 — a decline of nearly 30%. Just a couple of months earlier, June’s $207M total marked the genre’s lowest monthly tally since September of 2019 — one month before the global launch of Call of Duty: Mobile.

On the download front, the genre demonstrated slightly more resilience with 209M downloads in August compared to 218M in January. While these numbers fall well short of all-time highs, they are relatively in line with the last couple years’ performance. Given that downloads have not dramatically changed, what might be causing revenues to drop? We’ll discuss that and much more below.

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