A Primer on Fully On-Chain Gaming

Matt Dion
2 min readMay 11, 2023

Why the crypto-curious should be paying attention to fully on-chain games.

Source: ETHGlobal

Between the ongoing crypto winter, the FTX collapse, and a general dearth of noteworthy blockchain game releases, it’s been a quiet few months for web3 gaming. The industry has largely moved on to other trending topics: major acquisitions, Fortnite Creative, and especially generative AI.

However, in a quiet corner of the internet, a small but growing group of builders is pioneering a novel approach to blockchain gaming that seeks to reshape the way gamers create and interact with virtual worlds. This format is known as fully on-chain games, or as it’s increasingly being referred to, “autonomous worlds.”

Savvy industry observers will have initially learned of fully on-chain games in relation to the pioneering space-conquest RTS Dark Forest, first announced in 2020. In the intervening years, fully on-chain games have garnered increasingly strong directional momentum. Despite its relative obscurity, I wanted to draw your attention to fully on-chain gaming today because I believe that the format’s recent growth will soon begin to compound, resulting in an increase in developer attention and investor interest.

Builders of fully on-chain games have begun to…

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